Thankfulness Leads to Happiness

I am thankful for my Fridge. Seriously I am! Think about it for a minute and imagine your life without the tall cool one in the corner of the kitchen. How would it change? What if there was no ice to cool your beverage? No place to preserve those leftovers from your thanksgiving meal. How else would you be able to enjoy them the next day and ponder the happy laughter and memories of families and loved ones enjoying a feast together?

Quietly humming without fanfare or expectation of reward, the Fridge gives light in the darkness! It preserves the gifts given unto it and freely shares with any willing to open the door and partake. Is it really just a meager appliance or a metaphor on how to treat your fellow beings?

Be the Good

We all share a small bit of this marble hurtling through the vastness of cold empty (Fridge like :)) space in backwater galaxy in an un-presuming corner of a vastly larger universe. The more I think about it, The more I realize I am damn lucky to be here and now. Sure life is tough sometimes, but it is life! An unbelievably rare commodity in the vastness of the universe. Can we be like the Fridge and quietly hum along doing our part each day to make the world a little better place? Shouldn’t we get about being the good the world needs? Don’t you think doing something good is more effective than praying for it? I do, and so does your Fridge.

So next time you open the door and grab your favorite refreshment think about how lucky you are that was so easy for you and be thankful! Consider for a moment what life would be like without that in it, and then figure out a way to make life a little easier for your fellow man that might not be as lucky. You will be glad you did. That is the promise of the Fridge.

Thankfulness leads to happiness and helping others leads to joy…. It really is that simple.


Standing For Principles

So I just read a recent release from the church I used to love. I also realized yet again how much I love and care for many of the people that still believe in said religion even if I can’t condone the behavior of the corporation as a whole. This particular article is interesting because it purports to have the answer to all the hard questions.  It has, as these things often do, caused me to ponder yet again1 the faith I was raised in and the shelf I once held up with nothing but sheer faith and will power. So what are all these hard questions? Well the article doesn’t bother to actually list them out, but a lot of them are brought  to light recently by the churches own admission,2 from problems with being a seer translating ancient records to changing versions of the first vision along with polygamy and polyandry and pretty much a whole slew of stuff that if you’d asked the average member a couple of years ago were nothing but anti-mormon lies crafted by satan to deceive you and make you doubt your faith.

The church has been striving to be more open about its past. Mostly because it has to in this age of information. Otherwise it just looks like a liar outright. Elder Snow said as much recently when the church first moved to publish these essays.

I think in the past there was a tendency to keep a lot of the records closed or at least not give access to information. But the world has changed in the last generation — with the access to information on the Internet, we can’t continue that pattern; I think we need to continue to be more open.”3

So this article rather than actually list out the concerns (which would  probably weaken testimonies even further) just rolls them all up into one loaded question: “Do you trust God?” Well do ya? I hope that you think about that question because there is a lot of implicit stuff in there. Who’s God are we talking about? Is it the Mormon one that tells us stuff via his prophets? Is it the average Born Again Christian one that says Mormons are totally non-christian with all their funny beliefs? Is it Allah? Or is it whoever the pope talks to? 4 Maybe it is meant to be really personal, maybe it should be the God inside each of us that the doctrine of the Fridge promotes.

The article does seem to lead you down that path, the one of a personal answer to your prayerful doubts. Of course we already know the answers to prayers are yes, no, or wait for it, and they come in ways you need to be watching out for. The Fridge works the same way so that is all good 🙂 But the question is: “Do you trust God?”

I’d like to suggest you make it a little more specific.5 Do you trust that God sent an angel with a sword to coerce women to marry Joseph Smith? That is actually the crux of the matter. At least for the most recent turn of events when the polygamy admission blew up in their faces as the Fridge foretold in this post before it made all the major news outlets. Why not get right to the issue and determine if God really would command his prophet to do such a thing. I beg of you, ask that question in your prayers tonight. Because Joseph said God sent an angel with a sword and threatened him to do it. Do you trust that? Do you believe a loving father in heaven would do that to any of his daughters? If you do, you will be fine. If you can shelve that and stop thinking about it, you can most definitely still have faith… at least until you discover the next thing you thought was anti-mormon turns out to be true as well. But hey, you start the process over and repeat it till you believe. It really is that simple if belief is more important that principles. Which brings me to my last thought, there was a quote at the end of the article from the current prophet of the church:

“It is impossible to stand upright when one plants his roots in the shifting sands of popular opinion and approval. … We will all face fear, experience ridicule, and meet opposition. Let us—all of us—have the courage to defy the consensus, the courage to stand for principle.”

Do you really believe God told Joseph to take all those teen brides and other mens wives just like Warren Jeffs? Or do you think that is wrong and against your principles? Because if like me you think coercing any female in that way is wrong… and that is one of your principles. You have to wonder. Are you gonna have the courage to face the fact that you might have been wrong all along about the church you placed your faith in? It could mean loss of family, of social status of friends or even spouses.

Do you have the courage to stand for your principles even if it means realizing Joseph Smith was just making it all up? Even if it means that eternal family you hoped for was a false promise? Or that your path to Godhood wasn’t real? Or that you might be one of those outer darkness apostates if you were wrong about declaring that teen bride polyandry stuff is all BS and God would never force his prophet to do that! Because if you question that was a legit revelation to be honest with yourself you have to critically question all the revelations that Joe claimed to have. If he were lying about this one it behooves you to more critically examine the rest of your assumptions does it not?

Will you stand for what is right even when the church you trusted to tell you right from wrong is against you? It is a hard hard question and unlike the article that inspired this post you can’t just put it on a shelf, not without being a coward and seeing it every time you look in the mirror. 7

  1. And people wonder why I can’t leave it alone! Someday when the spin stops and you stop misleading the people I love… then I might be able to leave it alone.
  2. I linked a list here that is kept on non-church run websites because if you go to and start browsing or searching for them you will quickly find out that in the age of google they are notoriously hard to find. Here is a hint, make sure to show all results and look way down the list for the topic. I also have a list in the footnotes of this Fridge article.
  3. Truth in Church History: Excerpts from the Religious Educator’s Q&A with Elder Steven Snow”… and in case you are wondering there are a bunch of records quoted in the new essays that the church won’t give outside access to.
  4. None of which has directly faced any of these questions since good old GBH. Even the essays came without authors or dates on them… why is that? so they could be plausibly denied?
  5. The same could be said for many of the other issues that are being admitted to. Do you trust that God gave the prophet the ability to translate the Book of Abraham and then let the papyri show up and prove him totally wrong? Or that God was good with destroying a printing press hiding the polygamy that lead to the death of the prophet, or that God stuck anachronisms in the Book of Mormon or that he totally diddled with the DNA evidence, or that he told The prophet to start a fraudulent bank, or buy up swamp land in Nauvoo only to sell it at outrageous rates to new converts? The list goes on and on if you do a little research.
  6. President Thomas S. Monson, “Be Strong and of a Good Courage,” Ensign, May 2014, 68–69.
  7. One last footnote, I want people to know that I still appreciate many of the principles the church espouses. I find a lot of good in it and in much of what the mythology inspires and idolizes. I even think that the leaders for the most part are caught up in the cognitive dissonance as well and kind of trapped in the system. I believe many are trying to point the ship in a new direction to correct the past and make it into a good club. But the thing is the church is its past. It isn’t just a good club to belong to, at least not for me. For some people it is though. So if it works for you and you love it, by all means stay the course, but hopefully my words will help you understand the perspective of one that couldn’t continue and face himself in the mirror every day.

The Church is NOT True, even if I sometimes wish it was….

I have to admit, there are times I miss being part of the club, I miss the socialization, the camaraderie of being part of something that most people you know are part of. Feeling like you are part of something bigger than you.

But no matter how much I wish the church were true, it simply isn’t. No matter that I see my children hearts broken when friends are forced to choose between them and the church and they choose the church because they think the leaders are the arbitrators of who, and who doesn’t get forgiveness in this world and the next. No matter that I fear for them being the odd exmormon kid in Utah where an avowed atheist is allowed to attend BYU but the person that lost their LDS faith is kicked out. Some days I desperately wish that it was true so that I didn’t fear for the social effects of disbelief amongst the believers has on my family.

But it isn’t and I can’t pretend it is. You see I was taught a very simple logical principle, that the church is true because Joseph Smith was a prophet. He was a prophet because God said so. We are assured of that claim because he produced this Book of Mormon to prove it. To me at a very personal level the LDS church was restored truth. It got the world back to original Christianity that was lost when Rome killed all the apostles and put their own talking heads in charge. The catholic church was great and abominable and caused all sorts of false religions to splinter off and start up to lead the children of men away down false paths that had only a portion of the truth but not all of it.

Logically this made sense. I never imagined a divine perfect father in heaven having fuzzy truths that were sorta true or kinda right depending on whoever you were or what religion you belonged to. Maybe that makes me a zealot or maybe I was naturally that way, but I felt truth is truth, there is not kinda or sorta fuzziness about it.

I was 100% sure I knew as sure as the sun was shining that I was in the right religion, the one that eventually would take over all the rest and bring all truth unto it. All of that rested on a single keystone though. The claim of one man that he was the prophet that God called to restore his church. The logic is really that simple, his claim has to be true for the church to be true. If that claim is false, then the church is false. Just like Gordon B Hinkley said:

 “Our whole strength rests on the validity of that vision. It either occurred or it did not occur. If it did not, then this work is a fraud… upon that unique and wonderful experience stands the validity of this church.” 1

You see if Joseph was lying or even hallucinating about that claim then it follows that the church is not true. No matter how much I wish it were. If it is not true, then what? Should I pretend it is? Should I go along with it because it just ‘works for me’? Or should a person have the integrity to stand up and declare what they have discovered even if it isn’t what your friends or family want to hear? Having made that choice, I have to live with it now. I am sure the church is not true and guess what, sometimes living with that knowledge really sucks. Sometimes it means you look a man in the eye that you deeply respect and watch him tear up because he doesn’t understand why you would leave the faith you once loved. You have to live with the fact that because of basic human psychology there will be some people you care for that will never honestly question the faith like you did.  They will never fully understand where you are coming from when you tell them you know the church is not in fact true. That is what my post is about today. How I know the church isn’t what it claims to be. It is not the fully restored gospel.

How do I know? Because to claim that it is means that the God of the Mormon church is a-ok with forcing 14 year old girls to marry 37 year old men. It means literally that Joe Smith could do exactly what Warren Jeffs did and it’s all good because he was a ‘real’ prophet.  You can’t call this anti-mormon propaganda anymore. The church has admitted that these are the facts.

But consider this. No matter the spin you put on it a 14 year old girl was coerced into marriage with a 37 year old man. The same man that spiritually married 2 at least nine other teenage girls, most without his wife’s knowledge or consent. Those are the simple facts. Now I know it is possible to put these things on your mental shelf, I did that myself when I discovered that this same person ordered a printing press destroyed to cover it all up. You shelve them and try not to think about them because they make you question. Would God really command this guy to marry teens or was he just a horny and possibly deluded megalomaniac with a messiah complex? Would God really want him to destroy a printing press that exposed his affairs with over 40 women of Nauvoo that would eventually lead to his death in jail?It really does come down to that one single question:

Was Joseph Smith who he claimed to be?

I don’t think so. Because I don’t believe any divine being with a hint of intelligence would send an angel to force Joe to marry a bunch of other mens wives and teen daughters and then try to cover it up in a way that would make him look like a total jerk and cause people 150 years laters to lose faith in his one true religion. That makes no sense. 3 I don’t believe a divine being would have his prophet translate some ancient papyri that would later be found and would easily prove he was making it up. I don’t believe a divine being would fill his ancient record that proved said prophet was a prophet with anachronisms that would later try the faith of all his followers. To put it simply I cannot believe in a loving father in heaven that would deceive his children as a way of testing their faith in him…. I personally would never do that to my children, I think it is morally despicable and completely un-godlike.

out of hatYou see, I simply do not believe God is that tricky. To believe in the truthfulness of the church once you realize these simple facts are true means you must justify them and the only way to do that is to imagine a divine being that is like a 9 year old with an ant farm. (You know, just messing with us randomly to see what we will do.) I could not imagine such a person claiming to be a loving father looking out for us. It doesn’t make sense to me and even if I am wrong I realized that is not the type of person I think is worth worshiping. Do you think you could worship the kind of God that Warren Jeffs believes commanded him to do what he did? In any time or any place? Think about that.

But simply put, if there is a God in heaven and he isn’t a trickster, then this can’t be the right religion because of the simple facts. They don’t add up if God really is a decent guy. Men on the other hand…they have proven to be really tricky, especially when it comes to churches. You can find example after example of guys pulling religions of their hats. It’s a trick that has been going on since the beginning of time.

You see, if you check the facts, the idea that Joseph was a prophet just doesn’t add up. Not any more so than the claims of Muhammed or the claims of Warren Jeffs.  And that means the church just isn’t true no matter how much you wish it was.4




  1. General Conference, Oct 2002
  2. again just like Warren Jeffs, because polygamy was illegal at that time and place just like here and now.
  3. the same being also didn’t think it was worth his time to stop subsequent prophets from being total racist jerks either, won’t marry a teen bride, send down the sword angel…. treat black people like slaves… eh no biggie
  4. I’d like to point out that there is no emotion in this logic, simply the facts. I realize that you can pray and get a testimony that the church is true. I did it and I had one right up until my shelf collapsed after realizing this simple logic. It is completely possible to feel like the church is true and ignore this logic, in fact that is exactly what all religions do. They push you to ignore evidence and just trust them…. they tell you to pray and that if you try hard enough you can hang up all these doubts and still believe… and you can do that. It is possible especially if you really really want it to be true. But consider this… Have they ever at anytime said it was possible to get a negative answer? Imagine if a Muslim told you the same thing, that only if you prayed hard enough you would know for a fact that Muhammed was truly the last prophet on earth (we are not talking half ass prayers here, you have to put all on the line) would you be willing to try that hard or would you recognize that proof that comes that way isn’t valid because it doesn’t allow for the false outcome? If you are truly honest with yourself and your search for truth shouldn’t you pray just as hard to know if Islam is true or if Warren Jeffs is the true prophet? When you realize why you won’t do that…  That is when you realize your own feelings are not all that effective at picking out truth from falsehood, if they were then all the conmen with all their tricks in the world would be totally out of a job.

When Belief Backfires You Get Half Truths

So with all the news press about the latest essays from the Mormon church1 around polygamy I have been noticing a backfire effect from believers all over social media to recent blogs posted on the topic.

What is the backfire effect you ask? It is a well known psychological response to severe cognitive dissonance. When a person is faced with a serious affront to their deeply held belief they don't admit they were wrong and move on. Instead they dig in even deeper. A really famous example of this was when Ellen White, prophetess of the Seventh Day Adventists confirmed William Millers prediction of the end of the world and the return of Jesus in 1843. There was a great build up to the day of reckoning where thousands of followers gathered, sang hymns and got ready to meet their Lord. Some were so sure that this was the end that they gave away all their stuff  in preparation for the great event. But the day came and went without incident. It was even termed the great disappointment. Some left the religion after this colossal failure of its prophetic leaders, but the majority stayed. You see after the day came and went a slew of apologetic writings cropped up explaining why this prediction was wrong.  Some pushed the date back some said the whole incident was interpreted wrongly. In general the followers of adventism didn't simply realize their leader was totally wrong, they continued to believe despite the fact their leader in his own words admitted as much.

"To Second Advent Believers," writing, "I confess my error, and acknowledge my disappointment; yet I still believe that the day of the Lord is near, even at the door." 2

So here you have in the past a blatantly huge miss by founding prophets and leaders of the Seventh Day Adventist church. And yet, people still convert and still hold to that religion, about 18 million of them by their count.  You see people don't let things shake their faith, not because their faith is all that amazingly strong but because is it a psychological quirk amongst our species that creates this backfire effect.

This is not an uncommon story, on the contrary it is repeated over and over again on small and large scales especially in religious settings. Waco Texas, Heavens Gate and James Town are tragic examples of this natural tendency causing people to go to their deaths rather than consider they might be mistaken about their deeply held beliefs.

About a month ago I made a profetic prediction that this essay in particular would polarize church members becuase of the history and the media attention it would get. Now it has hit many major news outlets and apologetic blogs like this one are popping up.

These are examples of the backfire effect. Just consider his lines of justification.

It was normal for the time.  Only it wasn't (go ahead and google that one for yourself) and even if it was normal, how does that justify it. Don't members and leaders declare gay marriage is whack no matter how normal for the time it is?

We don't really know what went down… Umm yeah we do. It's in the church's own history books. The same ones all the anti Mormons were pulling from when they pointed out all this sordid history.

He goes on and on with justification for an act that he likely considers heinous himself. How would you know this? Ask him about what Warren Jeffs did and listen to his response. JS is Warren JeffsEvery single Mormon I know readily condemns Warren as a really bad man and no way possible could such an evil vile person be a prophet of God. Yet Warren continues to have followers that think he is a mouthpiece of the Lord telling them God's words for the here and now. Even though he admits he is not a prophet in this video you can hear the believer saying he is a prophet. Talk about an extreme example of the backfire effect. This psychological effect is so strong you can be having a discussion with a devout Mormon believer about Warren Jeffs and literally segue right into a discussion about Joseph Smith and he will slip from condemnation to veneration in a heart beat claiming that Joe Smith was just doing what God required of him.

At least thats the way my un-favorite MLM blogger puts it. To quote the gospel according to Trimble: "Why do people make Joseph Smith into some kind of a monster but omit the fact that Jesus commanded those Old Testament prophets and that those prophets lived that principle fully?

Joseph Smith, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Moses. These men are the same. Joseph Smith happens to hit much closer to home because the time period in which he lived. Polygamy seems so weird to us because of the time period that we ourselves live in. But time periods mean nothing when it comes to defining righteousness.

If polygamy was commanded by God in the Bible…then there is no reason polygamy can’t be commanded in our day"

Well Greg before you assure us it was commanded in the Bible, please for Fridges sake quote a bible scripture that says as much. Oh wait,,, you can't? That's right because there isn't one. In fact the only one that even comes close is when David is condemned for wanting another guys wife. So what this means is because God didn't wipe them out (like he was prone to do with people that displeased him back then) you are saying that God implicitly approved of polygamy. Ok even if we give you the implicit assumption win, then why was David condemned? Because he sent off her husband on a mission to war and then took her to himself. Is this really that different from the polyandrous marriages that Joe instituted after sending husbands on missions? 3

Greg is suffering from the backfire effect (assuming his isn't outright lying) because he goes on thusly:

"Polygamy was not a cultural norm in Joseph Smith’s day. It wasn’t cool at the time and it wasn’t acceptable either. It wasn’t in Joseph Smith’s best interest to put it into place. If he was a bad guy…then there were plenty of other ways he could have found to gratify any convoluted sexual pleasures he had. He knew polygamy might cost him his life so why would he make it so public? He could have secretly used his power and influence to have sex with various women while staying under the radar. One has to ask themselves why he didn’t just head to the local bar or brothel like so many men in his day were doing and continue to do now.

It doesn’t make sense that someone would concoct an entire religion from the days of their youth and place their life on the line just so that they could be with multiple women when there were so many easier ways to go about that."

Kudos to Greg for admitting that it wasn't normal then anymore so than Warren Jeffs actions are today. But then comes the lie buried in the half truth. Joe Smith wasn't public about it at all. In fact he went to great efforts to keep it all secret using temple covenants to bind people to silence and even to the point of ordering the Nauvoo Expositor to be destroyed. Why destroy a printing press? Because it exposed his polygamy and polyandry. Old Joe is on record lying to 300 of his followers in the churches own history books for chills sake!

You see Greg knows about the Expositor because he mentions it in his article as proof that the terrible media is giving you such a skewed version of reality so badly wrong that you should trust his blog more right? So why did Greg write an article filled with half truths? My money is on the backfire effect. You see lots of people use the stuff he writes to feel good about their belief, he connects with people in a way they like so when USA today points out the teen brides of the prophet Joe, they feel that cognitive dissonance and reach out to him. Like any good marketer, he puts together an article that does exactly what they want, creates a warm thread of justification for them to wrap their beliefs in. You see when you get the backfire effect, the only way to deal with it is by believing half truths. Other wise you have to face the fact you might have been wrong about this church you dedicated your life too. Otherwise you have to face the fact your deeply held beliefs might be wrong. You have to consider the possibility of choosing to openly express your doubts and risk the social consequences of being cast out of the clique of believers that is your ward and stake. You see the social benefits of staying in the church for the most part outweigh what happens when you leave it (especially if you have an entire business built up on a blog that is super popular amongst mormons). It is that risk that creates the backfire effect. Do you want to fall prey to the backfire effect? Ask yourself this. If you were one of Warren Jeffs followers … would you want to know it? If the answer is yes then make truth a priority over belief, question everything, even your own assumptions. For thus saith the Fridge:

-If you really want to know the truth, you won't stop looking once you think you've found it.

honest man

  1. These essays can be a bit hard to locate using normal searches and browsing on LDS org. Those church web developers must have some pretty stout shelfs to make this info so hard to get to.
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  3. One more bit of careful wording is avoiding using the word polyandry in the essays, thats when you marry another guy's wife like David did.

About Face

There is a Chinese saying; ‘tiu lien’ it means literally to lose face. It is considered a really bad thing in their culture, the last thing they want to have happen in fact when it comes to anything public. If you are as old as me you remember the story of the Emperor with no clothes. When you think about ‘losing face’ you might get a glimpse of the reason no one was a willing to tell the Emperor about his wardrobe malfunction when you consider the peasants that made the Emperor lose face risked some seriously painful repercussions.

The fear of losing face is a normal human thing. Nobody likes to be proven wrong, especially if it were something they were so adamantly confident about. Tiu lien if you will is a manifestation of cognitive dissonance, a piece of basic human psychology.

birds in a cageIt takes a lot of guts to admit you were wrong, sometimes you have to look like a fool to even do so. Such is the thing I see happening in the faith I lost faith in.  After confusing messages from leaders and even edits to prayers for heavens sake 1. They did an about face and said yep the women’s stuff really is legitimately part of general conference. I give them kudos for reversing their stance so quickly even though it meant losing face by being so wishy washy in the message they are trying to give women.

I have blogged about the revolution women are creating in the church as the first followers are gathering about leaders like Kate Kelly and agitating for change in the religion that is at least if not more meaningful than when the blacks got the priesthood. I even mentioned before that I think the women will get the priesthood before gays get to be married in the the temple because of simple math. Women represent at least 50% of the base membership in the church. Far far more than the 2% of gays you find in the general population. The only reason up till now they haven’t got as much attention was the general apathy of females in the church towards this change. They didn’t know that they deserved more freedom, they didn’t realize that they were being gently coerced into a position of subjugation. They didn’t know there was a better option until someone else pointed it out. But that has changed. And the oppressors know it.

Over the last couple of years, the grasshoppers at top have been trying to fend off this rising tide by making little concessions here and there. They let women pray in conference for the first time in 183 years. Even though they turned them away at the door of the mens session, they made sure to bar the media from the female session to keep things the same,,, sorta. Guys still preside over the women in their general meeting(not to mention all meetings), usher them around and such. Local congregations seemed to tell women no, but still let them in the boys only meeting this last session showing further signs of this movement gaining acceptance. And now after some clear disagreement amongst the leadership, the Female session is a legitimate part of the official LDS conference.

fall or flyI personally expect this trend to continue, with the acceptance of gays now in so many states the national focus on preventing marriage is fading. It will no longer be the big issue it was in the church. What is important to realize is the faith can survive just fine without addressing equal opportunities to a couple of percent of the population. But women make up over half of the church and that means you need not be coerced into thinking it was a-ok for 37 year old guys to marry 14 year old girls, you don’t have to agree that God would want his leaders marrying other mens wives at any point in history. You can think for yourself and draw your own conclusions without deferring to the council of a priesthood holder. It’s ok to be your own person. They can kick out one lone voice, they can beat up on the single ant to keep from losing face. But they can’t boot you all. They need you more than you need them.

Women of the faith, the church cannot survive without you, and the grasshoppers know it. If you want true equality, if you want equal opportunity, if you want the priesthood. All you have to do is ask for it. Because like the grashopper says, ideas are very dangerous things…..(<wisper> to the grasshoppers). It isn’t about the doctrine 2 you see, its all about face.

womens tears

  1. litteraly :)! Remember, puniness is next to godliness saith the Fridge
  2. I say this because even Jesus was better to women than Peter the guy that came after according to the gospel of Mary, yeah I know that’s not on the approved as scripture reading list. It is after all a dangerous idea! And besides, the church quietly disavows doctrine all the time.