Illogical Fallacies 

Do you understand what a logical fallacy is and why it prevents discovering the truth? 

Simply put, it’s a kind of reasoning that sounds good on the surface but upon investigation is baseless. 

That means anything founded on a logical fallacy isn’t legitimately reasoned out. It’s just a feel good pat on your own back. 

The easiest way to figure this out is to flip it, apply the same idea to a known falsehood. If you can’t reason it away without just saying ‘that’s stupid’ then chances are you are using a logical fallacy

This is a crucial part of figuring out truth… if you actually want to know it.

As a profet of the Fridge I have ran into many that don’t get the reason the Fridge is true. It just seems ‘silly’ to them that worship of an appliance just because there is a Book of Freon with sublime truths in it.  

It’s like they get how motivating a truism can be but don’t grasp how that makes something true! 

Alas, many are cold but few are frozen. If only all could open the door and see the light therein. 

If Mormons are Christian…

If Mormons are Christian, then FLDS polygamists are Mormon.

That’s really all the longer this article needs to be. But I’m pretty sure it’s guaranteed to cause the typical LDS member stress and elicit denials. How do I know this? Because I have made such a statement many times after hearing a member of the largest branch of believers in Joseph and his book insist that they are Christian.

Why do such denials occur? I think its because members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would rather distance themselves from the likes of Warren Jeff’s. The typical LDS believer will declare their belief is most definitely not at all like the FLDS polygamist variant and they are prepared to detail all the reasons that off shoot doesn’t represent real Mormonism.

But ask what it is that makes them Christian. The answer? Because the church is focused on Jesus Christ, heck its even in the name right? Kind of like how it’s in the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints?

You see it’s all in definition. Much like Christianity can represent a bunch of people that generally accept most or some of the Bible and the divinity of Jesus. It’s pretty easy to see that Mormonism can equally represent a group of people that believe in the divine mission of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon he produced.

If you are not gonna allow the Christian to say you aren’t really Christian because of differences in doctrinal assertions and beliefs other than those two basic reasons. Then if you are playing fair, rejecting Warren Jeff’s Mormonism on the same premise, well…¬†isn’t fair.

So to you all the mainstream LDS believers out there that don’t like to be associated with other branches of the religion that Joseph Smith started. Maybe next time you hear an Evangelical ¬†Christian say you aren’t Christian like them…

Maybe you should think for a minute about just how Mormon Warren Jeff’s is before you reply.