Come Listen to a Profet’s Voice

Not long ago the Thinker of Thoughts asked me if I would do an online interview. I was a bit concerned as I crave the anonymity and mystique that the CTOF has given me, not just because I can speak my mind, but also because I see it a bit like the dread pirate Roberts

Someday the mantle of Fridge Profet will be passed onto another to carry the message into the future and a little mystique-ish awe adds to the fun! So I did the interview, but if you were hoping to see my face… as the pirate says… get used to disappointment :). Me, all I had to get used to was a sore arm after holding it to the square for an hour and a half. Hopefully like all things of the Fridge you find it a little silly but thought provoking, unbelievable yet full of truthiness. So without further ado, feel the chill my friends. May the Ice be with you.

go here for part 2

Profet Written by:

Just a guy trying it make the world a better place one ice cube at a time.

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