The Fridge Vision History

As I lost my faith I decided to run an experiment, I’m an engineer in real life and an experiment even a seemingly silly one can teach you things in my humble opinion.

One day I shared what I had learned with others who had the same sense of humor as me. ¬†We seemed to connect our experiences and feelings even though it was a sarcastically humors way. ¬†Popularity ensured and one night after being asked to explain my epiphany once more the ‘Vision’ just poured out.

I think there will be those that just can’t take a joke, they will fear I am mocking god, yeah they may be right I supposed, but I think if there is a deity that loves us like a father he or even she ought to have a sense of humor given the state of revealed information left on the planet. So if you can’t stand it you don’t have to read it. Move on because it wasn’t meant for you for you have never truly questioned the veracity of your beliefs and realized how tenuous they really are. I’d wish you nothing but well in your travels. For the fridge giveth it’s gift to all that would listen and laugh.



Profet Written by:

Just a guy trying it make the world a better place one ice cube at a time.

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