Merry Fridgemas

During this holiday season be ye pagan, muslim, jewish or christian may all your fridges be full of sustenance and ice!

It is a time of giving, a time  of caring and a time of sharing, remember this fellow Freons, when family gets on your nerves, take a chill, they are the only family you got. If ye have no family, look again for there is someone surely that loves you and that is as good as family is it not?

As surely as light pours forth when opening the door, the goodness of this season spills unto all. Let’s not take the Fridge out of fridgemas, lets open the door and share what we have been blessed with.

It is no coincidence that this time of sharing falls during the coldest times of the year, for thus saith the fridge verily verily Be n-Ice!




Profet Written by:

Just a guy trying it make the world a better place one ice cube at a time.

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