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I want to tell all of you a story. When I was about to propose to my wife, I went old school, I asked her dad for her hand in marriage first. He was good with it, but he warned me. He told me his daughter had expensive tastes and likes nice things. I have to admit this kind of surprised me at the time. I thought about it though, concluding that meant she had class and wasn’t willing to settle for any piece of junk out there. In getting to know her, I had dragonfly jewelrealized she would rather have one item of quality that a pile of junk. Me being the junk pile collector that I am thought we would balance out nicely.  The conversation set me back just a bit, but I remembered Jonny lingo, and to me this girl was worth far more that 10 cows. I plunged ahead determine to woo her to be mine. Ok well continue wooing her to stay with me. 🙂

Now after nearly 23 years of marriage, I look back and I’m amazed at the luck and foresight I had as young kid. I couldn’t have found a better mom for our children, she is bold and brave in ways that I am not. Her desire for quality has taught me to do things right the first time. She is smart, sexy, and determined. I count myself lucky every day when I wake up and see her sleeping next to me. We complement each other in so many ways. I love her so much that I would move heaven and earth to get her whatever she desires.

And yes, it is true that my wife likes nice high quality things, some would say she has expensive tastes. I realized over the years that this explains why our kids are so amazing,  why we have things that last. Why we have things that are high quality in our lives, like a marriage can’t be broken no matter the challenge, a love that endures, an amazing family and home that our kids run to and not from.

I often think of that conversation so many years ago, and deep in my heart of hearts where I wonder if I am good enough. A beacon of light shines and tells me yes, because this woman of class that likes nice things… She picked me.

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