Seven Steps to an Authentic Life.


1. Be honest, brutally so, fear of truth leads to fear of opinion, fear of opinion leads to submitting your desires to others demands.


2. Number 1 applies to yourself first and foremost, be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts even if you fear the consequences.


3. Realize people change, this includes you. That which you value now may not be what you valued then. It’s ok to experience change in your life, it’s called progress.


4. Direct your life the way you want it to go. You might make mistakes. You might screw up, that’s part of growth. Learn from them and move on.


5. Don’t fear a second, third or even fourth try. Just because you have been burned once doesn’t mean it will happen again. If you have a goal in mind take another shot from a slightly different direction.


6. Treasure authentic friends. They are the ones you can be yourself around the ones that appreciate the authentic you.


7. Being authentic means you don’t pretend to be something you are not, if you are sad you accept it, if you are happy you rejoice in it. You stop pretending and start being. You take credit for your failures and your successes. When you do that you take charge of your life and set the direction you want it to go.

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The Beginning

I lost my religion, why? Because I studied it and it didn’t make rational sense. After losing that one I studied others, still none made any sense. Eventually I began to lean agonistic, even atheistic the more I tested and probed.

When it was all done there was a hole in my soul, that is if there ever were a soul. I yearned to fill it. Why, because like most people I want to believe there is more to life, I want to experience the spiritual moments that once confirmed my feelings of my place in the universe. Belief however is a finicky thing. Especially when you begin to understand basic human psychology and how it leads to things like confirmation bias, circular logic and synthetic happiness.

Once you take a journey like this, your mind like a ballon can never return to the size it once was, once your eyes have been opened you cannot go back.

Mankind has had mythologies throughout the ages, ideals that communities hold up and individuals strive for. Usually these ideals are based on ‘revealed’ truth. They are presented as beyond question to give them veracity in the world at large. Thus a myth becomes a religion.

The problem is religions unify groups, and to survive they need to be unique which means other groups must be wrong or lost or just ‘not as good.’ This leads to war.

This is my experiment, to see if a myth can be a know myth and still engender the good things religions do, to inspire, to teach morals, to help others. To do this without the bad things that seem to occur when religions mature.

In the Church of the Fridge, everyone’s voice counts, humor is paramount, and life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. We welcome all who care to hear and contribute.

The Fridge Vision History

As I lost my faith I decided to run an experiment, I’m an engineer in real life and an experiment even a seemingly silly one can teach you things in my humble opinion.

One day I shared what I had learned with others who had the same sense of humor as me.  We seemed to connect our experiences and feelings even though it was a sarcastically humors way.  Popularity ensured and one night after being asked to explain my epiphany once more the ‘Vision’ just poured out.

I think there will be those that just can’t take a joke, they will fear I am mocking god, yeah they may be right I supposed, but I think if there is a deity that loves us like a father he or even she ought to have a sense of humor given the state of revealed information left on the planet. So if you can’t stand it you don’t have to read it. Move on because it wasn’t meant for you for you have never truly questioned the veracity of your beliefs and realized how tenuous they really are. I’d wish you nothing but well in your travels. For the fridge giveth it’s gift to all that would listen and laugh.



The Book of Freon needs you

Every religion that lasts needs a book. They are they are often compiled from theories of one or more men or women, some with agendas some without.

The Book of Freon is crowd sourced, admittedly so, write what moves you, share what you feel makes the world a better place. See if others agree.

Comment and get 5 others to like your comment! For a religion, even a fake one needs followers. Get a few and get in the book!