They Deserved It

Do you hear the whispers in the church hallways?

Those sinners got what was coming to them. Sooner or later the price of sin must be paid. You are free to choose, but not to choose the consequences of that choice.

In any discussion I have had where I have pinned down the believer and forced them to look squarely at the core morality they hold the comeback is always the same.

You’ll get yours, God’s gonna damn you for such insubordinate behavior!!! 

That is when the fear shines through. When you realize in a single swoop the real reason they worship a being that tells Abraham to kill his kid. The reason they revere a supreme being that they believe that is willing to kill millions of children by drowning them because they didn’t worship him enough. A reason that is fundamental, that is basic, that is emotional. The reason is fear. 

It’s that same fear that drives these whispers when people whose lifestyle offends their God are a massacred in a gay bar in Orlando.

They had it coming to them…

Really? I mean really? Did the kids in Sandy Hook Elementary have it coming to them when they were killed? How about the babies drowned in Noah’s flood? Did they have it coming to them? I’m beginning to think you believe those kids deserved it. Why? Because when you are forced to look directly at the morals of the being you worship, you don’t say this is wrong. Instead you tell me I’m gonna get what I deserve. For what? For pointing out the atrocious morality of the being you worship?

Maybe it’s time to try and not be afraid, maybe its time to shelve the fear and instead of seeing ‘other’ or ‘different’ or ‘sinner’ you can simply see another human seeking the same happiness and fulfillment that you are.

Can you find the courage to face your own God’s condemnation of these ‘others’ and step up to the plate and declare this thing as morally wrong as you would if it were your own kid killed in that way?

Can you just for a moment put yourself in their shoes and give them the same benefit of the doubt you’d want if the tables were turned?

If it happened to you, you’d like a little sympathy right?

Don’t you think they deserve it too?

Profet Written by:

Just a guy trying it make the world a better place one ice cube at a time.


  1. Andrew
    June 29, 2016

    Quite amusing to me to watch the banter between you two individuals.You guys make my day.Don’t change who you both are cause then you’ll be different.Cheers

  2. Steve
    June 26, 2016

    A year or so later, I come to visit this website– just because someone mentioned this post on my Facebook Feed.

    If you recall, the last time I was here, I was stating how this website (specifically that post) was a dick move and how there’s no need for direct hate towards a specific religion, in that case, it was the LDS religion– for which you and other commenters assume I belong to after incorrect extrapolation.

    I’m still slightly surprised to see that you’ve continued your long journey in the past year, which still seems to really fuckin hate on people who have religious backgrounds, or LDS backgrounds. I still agree that there are some amazingly fucked up religious viewpoints that are still existing with those who are more moderate and don’t want trouble (and still disagree with morally weird and jacked up teachings). I also agree the fact that people probably and do say things like “they deserve it” is messed up…

    But dang, seriously? To still devote this time writing, venting, educating, enlightening, whatever you call it… that’s kind of impressive.

    But still. “You see lots of people use the stuff he writes to feel good about their belief, he connects with people in a way they like so … they feel that cognitive dissonance and reach out to him. Like any good marketer, he puts together an article that does exactly what they want, creates a warm thread of justification for them to wrap their beliefs in.”

    It seems like your group of followers are all those who came from the LDS religion, from which it seems you also came from. But really, yeah, you may disagree with them, but why go so far as to nitpick everything from them? Why not do all religions at once or none of them at all?

    “You call this website a dick move, my question for you is for what? For telling the truth? For pointing out when other people are telling lies and half truths? Only a true believer would call you a dick for that. Someone that professes to not care and uses the email… no you are not what you pretend to be.”

    The dick move is creating a website specifically targeting one religion, the people in it and what they do. That’s just like targeting any other group of people that you don’t agree with. I understand that you’re an expert in the LDS religion, which makes it easier for you to relate to, but still, that’s like any person leaving their group and talkin trash about it– and dedicating a website targeting all the flaws of it. And theres a million MLM trash talking websites flooding Google.

    It really is people like you, that I don’t understand. Why not let things go. Let people figure their shit out themselves. There’s already too much fuckin noise out in the world. Like those who point out the fuckin difference between Cheez Whiz and Easy Cheese and proclaim that everyone who likes Easy Cheese is absolutely juvenile because of the method that they packed the cheese, or how they process the cheese. That was actually a website that existed in the past– I’m sure the author of the site had better things to do than to keep that up.

    • Profet
      June 26, 2016

      More than a year actually, why are you so obsessed with this site? Why would you return to comment again 592 days later if it’s not that big of a deal to you?

      As profet of the Fridge I’m still able to discern you aren’t who you pretend to be.

      If you actually bothered to read the posts here you would realize that freely point out the poor basis for morality all religions share. So your critique about the dick move to pick on only one is in fact false.

      Also if you bothered to read you’d discover that I often laud the positives of faith.

      Nope you are not who you pretend to be Steve, the spirit of discernment tells me so.

      That and the fact for all your pontification as to the ills of society and leaving religions alone that you’d bother with a tiny site like this that in the big picture might make a tiny religion like Mormonism look bad. It’s obvious only an active Mormon. TBM as they are called on the webs would think that Mormonism is bigger than the 0.2% of the world they represent at the most.

      Oh and you will want to repent of that swearing you did to try and throw readers off your scent before your next temple recommend interview.

      Ice be with you.

      • Steve
        June 28, 2016

        Oh please, Like I’d be obsessed with this site. Get over yourself. Skimming the topics you write about makes your stance on anything more than apparent. Why would I come back? I’m pretty sure I mentioned that. And really bothering? It’s just fun banter to deal with your “tiny site”. Good thing you’re good with words and your search function works. So perhaps, I am mistaken about the singularity of the LDS religion, but I sure did see a lot regarding it just by doing a search for LDS on the site. And sure, I’ve only read two actual articles now, One being LDS based and the other, jacked up on anyone who goes to church.

        I have no clue about the size of the LDS faith, how much of the world they represent, nor do I really care. If it weren’t for Google and all the answers it provides, I wouldn’t know what the hell this temple recommend interview crap is that you’re talking about. And it’s a dang good thing that Google answers all of those questions.

        I’m an American born Chinese, living in Las Vegas, where there what appears to be a million Mormons. Coming from a background of billions of people who have only had the freedom to practice religion for about a 2 decades– I tend to enjoy those who have some sort of faith, and many of them turn out to be Mormon. I personally appreciate all sorts of religions, but don’t align with any single one of them. But what I do hate seeing is someone actively defame another’s stance and creating uproars about it. Much like how I hate what Trump does with every Muslim, Mexican and even women. Listen, if you think that I’m a TBM or a Baptist, a Daoist or part of the SubGenius. If the people being taught by the religions out there do good, I’m all for keeping the peace for their religion. As long as the region isn’t teaching people to kill me, fuck with my family or otherwise do harm and cause issues to other people I know, I’m cool with it.

        I remember seeing that first post I commented on and all the uproar and discomfort that people were experiencing on Facebook through comments, and felt that it’s dumb . Any sort of fuckin hate group is stupid.

        Listen, lady, I’m sure you’re great. You sound intellectual and have a vault of multi syllable words that really make your text a whole lot more interesting. I think the thing that I’d like to know more about– in an honest answer– is what do you gain by doing a site like this? Is it a sense of community and giving back? Is it releasing pent up anger towards your previous religion and all religions? Does it help you get rid of the bitterness that choice people have left with you? Is it religion discussion something you’re interested in and this lets you create that discussion? That would really help me understand what makes anyone create a site like this, ex-christians, ex-muslims, ex-baptists or any other random subreddit. I know some intelligent people, probably like you, doctors, scientists, research analysts that all have left the LDS faith or the faith that they were practicing, The separating difference is that they don’t take time out of their day to write stuff to feel good about their unbelief, or to connect with people in a way they like so they feel that cognitive dissonance and read blogs they write.

        • Profet
          June 28, 2016

          You are so obviously mormon pretending not to be one is it silly Steve. You are right that this is a tiny blog about losing faith in a religion that represents 0.2% of the whole world.

          That is why it is so obvious you are LDS. Because someone that isn’t LDS wouldn’t even give such a tiny blog that represents loss of faith in such a tiny religion a second thought. Nor would they use all the time tested tactics of apologists of the mormon faith.

          From dismissal of the apostate as an angry person to lauding themselves because doctors and lawyers believe the same story they do. The other thing that exposes your fraud is the fact you assume I’m a lady, the patriarchy runs deep and strong in the mormon faith.

          The way you understood TBM without me defining it is also a clue that you are a mormon pretending not to be one. Only a mormon that trolls the exmo blogs and groups would understand that term and not need it defined. A non-mormon and frankly most mormons haven’t a clue what that term means and most of the time would ask me to explain it. The fact you took in it stride is yet another clue you aren’t the non mormon you claim to be.

          The reason I write is the same reason a person that escaped the FLDS would write. To help others escape the bamboozle.

          I get that you don’t want to escape it. Frankly neither to some of Warren Jeffs child brides, human psychology is funny that way. (another thing I write about a lot)

          I also understand that when a person exposes truth that causes you to question your deeply held beliefs it makes you uncomfortable. That is known as cognitive dissonance and it is exactly the kind of thing that would make you feel alright about lying about who you really are in your comments on my tiny blog. Part of the natural emotional fight or flight response you feel when your faith is challenged.

          In fact I’d dare say that it bugs you that I know you are faking it, enough to bring you back to comment again anyway. But the Fridge is powerful enough to help me discern who you really are and that adds to the cognitive dissonance you feel.

          Want me to add even more? Let me know how you are gonna answer the question ‘are you honest in all your dealings with your fellow man?” In your next temple interview.

          You are mormon ‘Steve’ if that is your real name. I’d stake 100$ on it. What are you willing to bet?

        • Profet
          June 28, 2016

          You reek of Mormonism the more you pretend to not be one.

          Keep on pretending it’s cute watching you try to excise the Mormonism from your patterns of communication. 🙂

        • Profet
          June 28, 2016

          “I wouldn’t know what the hell this temple recommend interview crap is that you’re talking about. And it’s a dang good thing that”

          ‘Dang’ you just dropped another hint that you really are a Mormon pretending not to be one. 😉

          The Fridge has revealed to to me that you are nothing but a fraud!

          • Steve
            June 28, 2016

            tl;dr. Skimmed though..

            Your lens is fogged. I know you’re a lady because of your most recent post “I was a late bloomer sexually. My interests didn’t start cropping up until my second year of college, and I was all messed up emotionally. Depressed, low self-esteem, desperate, sexually repressed… a perfect target. I met an abuser who quickly took advantage of my innocence and naivety. Within six months of dating, he practically had me wrapped around his finger, and when I became pregnant out of wedlock the church pushed us to begin our repentance process and to marry”

            Not every sentence has to have profanity. Google TBM and you’ll find the relation of TBM and Mormon. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do some research on the internet, and we both know that the internet is all true.

            Clear up that lens of yours. It’s making you jump to conclusions.

          • Profet
            June 28, 2016

            Apparently you are incapable of realizing there is more that one author on this tiny blog 🙂

            And yeah ‘Steve’ you are a mormon. The sooner you admit it and repent the sooner you can answer ‘the honest in all your dealings’ question the stake president is gonna ask. 🙂

            It’s so funny how you are trying so hard to be something you really aren’t. Don’t forget to properly repent requires restitution, the would mean admitting to a person you were lying when you intentionally mislead them as you are doing here an now.

            Of course I might be mistaken and is really is honestly your email… but if not you are most definitely lying about that, and most likely lying about not being LDS.

          • Steve
            June 28, 2016

            Well then. I stand corrected. Darth Coolant is a woman, and you may or may not be.

            Stop projecting your mormon hate on me. Seriously, would it make you happy if I said I was mormon? It seems that everything you base your comments off of is whether or not I’m mormon or not.

            The fridge is funny. I’ve got a spot to fill between laughing at the people in missed connections on craigslist and thoroughly trolling people on the apple facebook page.
            You’re hung up.

            Go make yourself a drink or something, you’re hella uptight.

          • Profet
            June 28, 2016

            I’m not projecting simply exposing truth. Like I said. You are obviously lying about who you are or the ‘ignoramus’ email address is legit. Either way you come of the fool friend.

            When you stop lying we can have a real discussion, try it. Telling the truth is so much more rewarding than pretending you are something your not.

          • Steve
            June 29, 2016

            What else do you have besides trying to pin a religion you obviously hate so much on a guy? Your whole discussion relies on me being a Mormon denotes a fallacy and really goes so far to show that focus. Seriously, all the terms you’ve used is easily found via a quick google search. Not super hard. Going out of my way to say that this site is an obsession with denouncing mormonism and religion regarding doesn’t necessarily prove me as a religious person or not. It’s just not fucking right. I do it to the anti-LBGT community pages as well. So much bizarre hate in this world and there’s so much shit like this that makes it worse. Darren, your experiment is now your obsession. Write more books or something, go back and try to help some more people from Guatemala. Denise sure has been blessed with patience to love such an interesting man.

          • Profet
            June 30, 2016

            Yep, either a Mormon I know, or a stalker

            You are obviously lying Steve

          • Profet
            June 30, 2016

            FTR, I loved being a Mormon, I loved the doctrine for the most part, and I was devastated to discover it wasn’t true.

            Seriously Steve, your obsession reveals your nature, I’m sure that angers you that you are caught in your lies. Sorry about that, and if by some bizarre remote chance I’m wrong about you being LDS and your story is totally on the up and up do you really think that you admitting to trolling and stalking people makes your case somehow better?

            I’m beginning to thing you did pick the correct email

          • Profet
            June 30, 2016

            Let me teach you a little bit of human psychology Steve (which is likely not your real name)

            When someone is lying like you are little clues slip out despite your best efforts to disguise your deception.

            Even though you swear as part of the deception, the fact you pointed out Guatemala is significant since I asked you where you served your mission.

            That was a dig you made primarily because I asked you where you served your mission. A mission is such a big part of LDS culture that you couldn’t help but mention that in your effort to deny your identity and dismiss this site as just another angry apostate blog.

            The angry apostate thing is also a Mormon culture thing. It simply doesn’t exist in the non member world at all.

            Facts are 99.8% of the world isn’t Mormon. The world of LGBTs is far far larger than that of Mormonism.

            And my blog appeals to only a fraction of a fraction of that leftover 0.2%

            That you’d use words like ‘Defame’ in relation to the LDS faith. That you’d focus on my mission service in an effort to discredit me, that you’d slip and say the word ‘dang’ when you are going to extra efforts to swear…. All that adds up to the odds of you not being LDS somewhere in the realm of me drawing a straight flush.

            You are LDS Steve. No doubt about it. I’m so sure of it now I’d stake 100$ on it. What are you willing to bet?

          • Profet
            June 29, 2016

            I agree the Fridge is funny. And BTW I could care less if you are or aren’t Mormon, my best friend is a TR carrying member, technically I’m even a member too.

            I don’t appreciate it when people intentionally lie to deceive though. That is why I am pointing out the fact that the words you let slip in your communication reveal you are clearly LDS.

            Sure you don’t want me to dismiss your criticism of me ‘defaming’ your faith simply because your one of the faithful. In fact I totally understand the not wanting to be stereo typed bit more that you probably realize. 🙂

            One more hint as to the fact you are trying to ‘defame’ the Fridge. In relation to religion that is a very Mormon idea. Thanks to JS whole ‘no unhallowed hand can stop this work’ quote missionary’s must memorize.

            So tell us Steve where did you serve your mission.

            And I promise if you come clean I will forgive you so your repentance will be complete. After all publicly deceiving someone requires public admission of it to fully repent and that is hard I think. Hard enough that giving you crap about it after won’t be necessary if you find the guts to admit you were misleading me and my readers intentionally.

          • meesh
            July 1, 2016

            Who is darren?

  3. Andrew
    June 14, 2016

    I have not been inside a church in 30 + years but if indeed people are saying that and actually serious about it with out compunction then I haven’t missed a thing .People are definitely very odd creatures.Maybe just maybe reason will win out over bronze age theories and prejuidice.Guess we can pray to “God” that happens.Oh wait it’s the idiotic belief in him in the first place that started all this stupidity guess we are SOL.Cheers

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